Mitchells Mountain Beef

We are a family organization that has been committed to raising quality beef since 1933. The cows spend the winters in the North Thompson Valley and the summers in the surrounding mountain pastures.

Our cattle have always been in high demand and since 1987 we market our calves as hormone and antibiotic free. It seems a logical progression to market them in a manner that reflects the way they are raised. We are listening to an increasing population that wants their beef to be grown in a healthy, natural way.

NOTE: All beef is grown without added hormones or antibiotics and is dry aged for 28 days.


Mitchells Mountain Beef
Grain Finished Beef

This is the meat that most people are accustomed to in taste and texture. The fat is white in colour and there is more marbling content in the meat which gives it lots of flavour and makes for a pleasant eating experience. Animals are raised on local vegetation and hay or silage, and then fattened with the addition of grain to their diet for the last 100 days.


Grass Finished Beef 

This beef is typically leaner than grain fed, but boasts a better fatty acid profile. While working together with Thompson Rivers University we discovered many health benefits to our mountain raised beef. It has greater proportions of polyunsaturated fat, Omega-3s, and healthy CLA levels when compared to conventionally produced beef.

All beef ground patties 6oz. 5 @ $12.00
Lean Hamburger ($7.00/lb)  $15.40/kg
Stew ($9.00/lb) $19.80/kg
Rolled Brisket Roast ($10.00/lb) $22.00/kg
Chuck Steak/Roast ($10.00/lb) $22.00/kg
Chuck Eye Steak ($11.00/lb) $24.20/kg
Maui or Short Ribs ($11.00/lb) $24.20/kg
Flank Steak & Flat Iron ($15.00/lb) $33.00/kg
Rouladen ($11.00/lb) $24.20/kg
Round Steak/Roast ($11.00/lb) $24.20/kg
Cross Rib Roast ($11.00/lb) $24.20/kg
Sirloin Tip Steak/Roast ($13.00/lb) $28.60/kg
Sirloin Steak & Tri Tip Steak ($16.00/lb) $35.20/kg
Standing Rib Steak/Roast ($21.00/lb) $46.20/kg
Wing or Club Steak ($17.00/lb) $37.40/kg
New York or Strip Loin ($23.00/lb) $50.60/kg
Porterhouse ($23.00/lb) $50.60/kg
T-Bone ($22.00/lb) $48.40/kg
Tenderloin ($32.00/lb) $70.40/kg
Heart, Kidney, Liver ($3.00/lb) $6.60/kg
Soup Bones ($3.00/lb) $6.60/kg
Oxtail ($6.00/lb) $13.20/kg
Suet ($3.00/lb) $6.60/kg
Dog Bones ($2.50/lb) $5.50/kg
Sides (approx. 350lbs) Please contact us for pricing.
Mitchells Mountain Beef